About us

What we do

Our vision is to further activate Logan’s communities to lead the transformation of the city’s social and economic prosperity. 

THRIVE Logan is a three-year project that harnesses Logan’s rich diversity by connecting communities and partners to enhance economic and social participation, enabling all who live, work and visit there to thrive.

The project is funded by the Queensland Government’s Department of Communities and Digital Economy, and is being delivered by the THRIVE Logan team. THRIVE Logan is part of The Social Policy Group, a national non-profit body with specialist expertise in social policy and program design with a focus on population diversity, social and community cohesion, gender equality, community participation and inclusion, systems’ responsiveness, and community outreach and engagement.

About Logan

Logan is one of Queensland’s most diverse communities, home to more than 350,000 people from more than 234 different cultures, with more than a quarter residents born overseas.

Despite its rich diversity, Logan is characterised by high levels of socio-economic disadvantage, with many residents facing challenges that prevent them from participating fully in society. Many Logan residents experience poverty, limited access to education and employment opportunities, and lack of affordable housing.

Gender disparity is of particular concern in Logan’s multicultural communities. For example, women born outside of Australia have the highest unemployment rate in both Logan and Queensland overall. Additionally, the proportion of men born outside of Australia with high income is disproportionately higher compared to women born outside of Australia.

While the diverse nature of the Logan community can present challenges for integration and social cohesion, it also offers a wealth of opportunities and value not found elsewhere in the State. By leveraging the region’s many strengths, including new ideas, different cultures, a young and growing population, and access to skills and connections, its potential is limitless.

In considering the above, the challenge for Logan is not one of potential or even resources, but one of targeting, connection, and capacity building. It requires a focus on unlocking the benefits for the region, increasing productivity and participation, minimising duplication of services, and focussing on cohort groups and initiatives through which long term change can be delivered. Addressing issues of social isolation and economic participation, supporting women in the community, and building community capability, will transform outcomes for Logan, and for the government.

Logan is uniquely positioned to become a national exemplar of a thriving multicultural community where its people are socially and economically empowered to reach their full potential and build lives they can be proud of. THRIVE Logan works in close partnership with community, industry, academia, and the government at all levels to achieve this.

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